• 1 Hour location Time
  • Wedding music (your choice of music)
  • Wedding Consultation
  • Round-trip transportation via super-stretch limousine for our couple and up to 4 guests
  • Marriage license bureau transportation (if needed)
  • Minister Fee waived
  • Parking Fee and Wedding Permit Fee waived
  • Witness (if needed)
  • 12 Rose Bouquet for the bride
  • Rose Boutonniere for the groom

Total - $1,699

  • Professional Photographer that will take a minimum 100 poses and will send you the pictures via e-mail
  • Full copyrights to your photos for printing and any other social media needs.
  • Guests are allowed to take photos and video during and after the ceremony
  • Driver 39s Gratuity is included in the package
  • Photographer 39s gratuity is included in the package
  • 6 inch round Cake
  • Champagne and flutes (we can provide additional cups for your guests)

If you would like to leave a tip to your minister, photographer or limo chauffeur it is
allowed but not required!

Couple Getting Married In 7 magic Mountains

7 Magic Mountains Wedding: A Breathtakingly Beautiful and Unique Wedding Destination


If you're looking for a wedding destination that is both breathtakingly beautiful and unique, look no further than 7 Magic Mountains. Located in the heart of the Nevada desert, 7 Magic Mountains is an art installation that has quickly become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what makes 7 Magic Mountains such a magical wedding destination.

Why 7 Magic Mountains?

The Location

Nestled in the desert landscape, 7 Magic Mountains offers a stunning backdrop for your wedding. The vibrant colors of the towering rock formations provide a unique and unforgettable setting for your special day.

The Art Installation

The 7 Magic Mountains art installation is a unique work of art that adds an extra dimension of beauty to your wedding. The towering, brightly colored boulders are a work of art in themselves, and make for stunning wedding photos.

Privacy and Seclusion

Unlike many popular wedding destinations, 7 Magic Mountains offers a level of privacy and seclusion that is hard to come by. With miles of empty desert surrounding the art installation, you'll feel like you have the world to yourselves on your special day.

Planning Your 7 Magic Mountains Wedding

Permits and Regulations

To ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding day, it's important to obtain the necessary permits and follow the regulations set forth by the Bureau of Land Management. This includes obtaining a Special Recreation Permit and following the Leave No Trace principles to ensure the preservation of this beautiful desert landscape.

Logistics and Accommodations

While 7 Magic Mountains may be a secluded location, it's not difficult to access. It's just a short drive from Las Vegas, and there are a variety of accommodation options available in the surrounding area.

Vendor Recommendations

Choosing the right vendors can make all the difference when it comes to your wedding day. There are a variety of vendors who have experience working at 7 Magic Mountains and can provide the services you need to make your day unforgettable.

7 Magic Mountains Wedding: A Breathtakingly Beautiful and Unique Wedding Destination

Tips for a Successful 7 Magic Mountains Wedding


Choosing the right time of day can have a big impact on the success of your wedding at 7 Magic Mountains. The lighting is particularly beautiful during sunrise and sunset, so consider planning your wedding around those times.

Dress Appropriately

The desert landscape can be unpredictable, so it's important to dress appropriately for your wedding day. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are a must, and closed-toe shoes are recommended.

Prepare for the Elements

The desert can be harsh, so it's important to prepare for the elements. This may include providing shade for your guests, bringing plenty of water, and providing sunscreen and insect repellent.


7 Magic Mountains is a truly magical wedding destination that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. From the stunning location to the one-of-a-kind art installation, 7 Magic Mountains is the perfect destination for those looking to create a wedding that is truly unforgettable.


  1. How do I obtain a Special Recreation Permit for my wedding at 7 Magic Mountains?
  • The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for issuing Special Recreation Permits. Contact them for more information on obtaining a permit for your wedding.
  1. What are the Leave No Trace principles?
  • The Leave No Trace principles are a set of guidelines designed to help people minimize their impact on the environment. This includes things like packing out all trash and minimizing the use of fire.
  1. Are there accommodations near 7 Magic Mountains?
  • Yes, there are a variety of accommodation options available in the surrounding area, including hotels and vacation rentals.
  1. What time of day is best for a wedding at 7 Magic Mountains?
  • Sunrise and sunset are the most popular times for weddings at 7 Magic Mountains due to the beautiful lighting and stunning views.

All credit to Amber Garrett Photography for the above photos!

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