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Extra Services You Can Get For Your Wedding

Mar 18, 2019 VIP Weddings

Have you ever wondered what else might be missing from your wedding? Lots of wedding planners offer now limousines, airp ...

Cost Of A Las Vegas Wedding

Mar 10, 2019 VIP Weddings

Based on your budget, you can always opt for a low-budget or a more expensive wedding in Las Vegas. Wedding costs in La ...

Common Wedding Themes In Las Vegas

Feb 28, 2019 VIP Weddings

There are lots of wedding themes that you can pick when trying to organize your big event in Las Vegas, but have yoou ev ...

Is White Wedding Possible in Las Vegas?

Feb 23, 2019 VIP Weddings

Yes, it snows in Las Vegas once in awhile. Palm trees covered in snow is a rare view in Las Vegas. However, if you're lu ...

Wedding Trends In 2019

Feb 15, 2019 VIP Weddings

Have you wondered what are this year's wedding trends? So did we. Let's first take a look at the colors to be used for y ...

Tips For A Honeymoon In Las Vegas

Jan 25, 2019 VIP Weddings

In case you didn't find too many reasons to spend your honeymoon in Las Vegas, we can give you some tips about what you ...

How To Pick Your Honeymoon Destination

Jan 20, 2019 VIP Weddings

You just got married and now it's time to sit down and choose your honeymoon destination. Of course, your very first ste ...

Expected Wedding Colors In 2019

Jan 10, 2019 VIP Weddings

2018 is gone and you must now get prepared for brighter wedding colors in 2019. More precisely, couples that are to get ...

Why Consider A Winter Wedding

Dec 17, 2018 VIP Weddings

Due to lower costs, more and more couples opt for a winter wedding, hence having more chances to find available venues, ...

Ideas For A Christmas Wedding

Dec 12, 2018 VIP Weddings

Bring magic to your holidays by planning your wedding during the Christmas time and come up with a special winter decor ...

How To Set Your Wedding Date

Dec 03, 2018 VIP Weddings

If you're about to plan your wedding but don't know what's the best date to do it, here are some tips that we urge you t ...

Ideas For A Winter Wedding

Nov 24, 2018 VIP Weddings

We all know that spring and summer are preferred by all couples, but what about planning yours in winter? We provide you ...

How To Plan A Small Wedding

Nov 16, 2018 VIP Weddings

Although apparently a small wedding shouldn't give you too many headaches, it can still be a very demanding event to pla ...

What To Ask From Your Wedding Photographer

Nov 08, 2018 VIP Weddings

Finding a wedding photographer may be easy, but getting the right one can be a bit more difficult to find. The reason? M ...

Ideas For A Fun Wedding Reception

Nov 01, 2018 VIP Weddings

From choreography to wedding theme and from the way toasts are made to clothing, use your imagination to make impression ...

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