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3 Unique Las Vegas Wedding ideas

Jul 12, 2018 VIP Weddings

Planning your wedding in Las Vegas, but find it difficult to decide the setting? Here are 3 ideas that may inspire you: ...

How To Plan Your Summer Wedding in Las Vegas

Jul 04, 2018 VIP Weddings

Planning your wedding in Las Vegas must necessarily take into consideration few important things. First of all, make sur ...

What To put Down On Your Wedding Planning Checklist

Jun 18, 2018 VIP Weddings

Are going to plan your wedding but don't know what to put down on your checklist? See below some of our recommendations ...

Ideas For A Small & Intimate Wedding

Jun 05, 2018 VIP Weddings

Want to keep your wedding small, with just a few guests? There are plenty of specific creative wedding venues out there ...

How To Choose An Affordable Wedding Package In Las Vegas

May 10, 2018 VIP Weddings

Are you planning the wedding, but your budget doesn't help you too much? No worries. Chooseing an affordable wedding ven ...

Wedding May Theme Ideas

Apr 30, 2018 VIP Weddings

Are you planning your wedding in May but haven't found the right theme for the specia event? No worries. We are here to ...

Easter Wedding Inspiration

Mar 28, 2018 VIP Weddings

If it's spring, it's pastel colors. If it's your wedding Easter, it's time to celebrate. We all know spring is the seaso ...

Ideas For An Outstanding Spring Wedding

Mar 16, 2018 VIP Weddings

Spring is synonymous with rebirth and growth so tin watering cans are an ideal decor element. Simply fill with water and ...

What To Include In Your Wedding Checklist

Feb 28, 2018 VIP Weddings

Just to make sure you won't forget anything when planning your wedding, we remind you to follow this checklist for your ...

Spring Themed Wedding Ideas In Las Vegas

Feb 21, 2018 VIP Weddings

If you haven't alrady considered a specific theme for your upcoming wedding, then it's time to do it. First of all, thin ...

Color Inspiration For Valentine's Day Wedding

Feb 14, 2018 VIP Weddings

Valentine's Day is synonymous with pink and red. Depending on your style, you can go with those traditional hues or do s ...

Getting Married In Las Vegas? Here Is What You Need To Know

Feb 08, 2018 VIP Weddings

You want to get married in Las Vegas, but didn't find the complete info about what the requirements are? In this post, w ...

Wedding Trends For 2018

Jan 31, 2018 VIP Weddings

According to wedding planners, 2018 is set to provide unique colors and stylish yet siple flower arrangements. Specialis ...

Idea For A Valentine's Day Wedding

Jan 23, 2018 VIP Weddings

What can be more romantic than planning your wedding around Valentine's Day? We tell you. Nothing. But what about the we ...

Wedding Ideas For 2018

Jan 19, 2018 VIP Weddings

Are you planning your wedding in 2018? Then here are some of the suggestions our specialists made for you. First of all, ...

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