VIP Packages and All Inclusive Las Vegas Wedding Packages

All Inclusive Wedding Packages and Special Vip Packages for your dream wedding in Las Vegas

Description of the "ALL INCLUSIVE" packages

We will be meeting with you a day before the wedding at your hotel to discuss all the important steps that you will go thru on the day of the wedding. Upon preference, we will take you to get your marriage license and we will assist you with completing the necessary forms and also with all the questions that you might have.

For your big day:

A super stretched limousine will be waiting for you at your hotel and will take you to the chapel, where your personal wedding consultant will be waiting for you and will guide you thru all the steps of the ceremony. The minister will introduce himself/herself to you and will know all the special details and requests that will make your day wonderful and unforgettable.

We also provide the “First Look” Service (please let us know if that is what you would prefer and we will make sure that our professional photographers will capture the moment)

Upon request the ceremony will be performed in the preferred language.

There will be professional photos that will be taken of you during and after the ceremony and also the video of the ceremony that you can share with your friends and family. Upon preference, we offer the internet broadcasting for your loved ones.

After we will make your day incredible and you will tie the knot, the limousine driver will take you back to your hotel or anywhere you would like to go and enjoy the rest of your beautiful day.

Are you ready to impress all of us?

We plan and organize your wedding according to your wishes!

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